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Mission Prerna UP

Mission Prerna UP: The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh launched the Mission Prerna UP. The online Mission Prerna UP portal was launched to implement necessary changes in primary education in government schools in the state. The Mission Prerna UP aims to inculcate knowledge and skillful activities for the students in government schools starting from the primary section.

Through the implementation of Mission Prerna UP, the state government aims to increase the ratio of admission in government schools compared to private schools. This Mission Prerna UP is beneficial for the students facing a lack of education, and the students studying in government schools. The Mission Prerna UP increases the quality of knowledge and education provided in these government schools which will propagate the increase in admission of children.

Mission Prerna UP 2023

The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched the Mission Prerna UP improving the basic education provided to the students of government schools from standard 1 to 5. Mission Prerna UP has included more than 1.5 lakh government schools now in the state.

The objective of Mission Prerna UP is to improve the quality of knowledge and develop the ability of children to improve their basic performance in subjects and development of skills. The primary children are at an age which is a crucial age where they can learn more and explore new ideas. Mission Prerna UP provides a better platform to encourage these activities in government schools.

Mission Prerna UP Overview

Mission Prerna UP has rejuvenated 80 percent of the government schools of Uttar Pradesh. Mission Prerna UP has been launched by the state government to improve the basic education system and procedures in the Primary section of the government schools.

Mission Prerna UP Overview

Mission Mission Prerna UP
State Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiaries Government School
Class 1st to 5th
Authority Government of Uttar Pradesh
Mode Online
Website Prernaup.in

prernaup.in Teachers Login

The teachers who want to log in to the online portal of Mission Prerna UP can visit the official website, prernaup.in. The below-given steps will explain how teachers can log in to the Mission Prerna UP portal.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Mission Prerna UP, prernaup.in.

Step 2: On the homepage, identify the Bank Data Upload section and click on the ‘Teachers Login’ link.

Step 3: Click the link and you’ll be directed to a new page.

Step 4: Complete the signup process and register.

Step 5: Teachers can enter their phone numbers to complete the process.

Step 6: Select the option that says Login for Bank Upload.

Step 7: Verity and the login process are completed for Mission Prerna UP for Teachers.

Student Registration Mission Prerna UP

The students from the Uttar Pradesh board can join Mission Prerna UP through the online portal. It is free of cost and it is an online learning mode for classes 1 to 5.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Mission Pathshala.

Step 2: On the homepage, scroll to the student’s corner.

Step 3: On the Students Corner section, select one of the options E-Pathshala, Learning Material, and Learning Material.

Step 4: When students select the option for E-Pathshala they have to enter their class.

Step 5: Now the students will have access to the course material of their respective classes.

Step 6: The students can also access the complete schedule of Teaching material for each day.

Mission Prerna UP Benefits

The Mission Prerna UP is a mission launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to improve education and skills in government schools. The benefits of Mission Prerna UP are mentioned below.

  • The students who are 14 years or less will be able to get benefits from the Mission Prerna UP 2023.
  • The students can register can get online education till they want.
  • The government aims to provide all the basic education and knowledge for the students to push them to become skillful.
  • As per the Mission Prerna UP, there is no inequality related to gender in the portal.
  • students from any background, ST, SC, or PwDs, anybody can register and get online education.

FAQs related to Mission Prerna UP

Q1. What is mission Prerna?

Ans. Mission Prerna is a flagship program by the government of Uttar Pradesh to improve the quality of education provided in the government schools of the state.

Q2. What is mission Prerna up registration 2023?

Ans. The Mission Prerna UP has been launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh and the students can log in themselves from the online portal.

Q3. How to update student data in prernaup?

Ans. On the Mission Prerna UP online portal, log in first and click the student’s details and edit the data and update it.

Q4. How to learn the material in prernaup?

Ans. To learn the Study material from the Mission Prerna UP portal, log in and choose the class and subject. All the study materials will be displayed.

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