According to the Survey, 95% of Employers Plan to Increase Hiring From July to September; Lists Here!!

95% of Employers Plan to Increase Hiring From July to September; Survey | Lists Here!! According to the “Employment Outlook Report,” 95% of firms declared their intention to increase hiring during the July to September quarter, up from 9% during the April to June period. According to a survey released on Thursday, Bangaluru has emerged as the Indian city with the most intent to hire in the second quarter of the current fiscal year, driven by growth in IT, e-commerce, FMCG, and other related industries. In the July to September quarter, 95% of companies declared their intention to increase hiring, up from 9% in the April to June quarter, according to the “Employment Outlook Report” of HR firm TeamLease Services.

Employers Plan to Increase Hiring From July

According to the Survey, 95% of Employers Plan to Increase Hiring From July to September

61% of India Inc., seen from a pan-India viewpoint, was eager to hire during that time (a seven percent increase over the last quarter). Manufacturing and services in Bengaluru have both demonstrated a willingness to hire. Leading industries in the manufacturing sector included FMCG (48%) and the healthcare and pharmaceuticals (43), manufacturing, engineering, and infrastructure (38), power & energy (34), and agriculture & agrochemicals (34) sectors (30). Leading industries in the services sector included information technology (97%) as well as e-commerce and related start-ups (85), education services (70), telecommunications (60), retail (essential) (64), retail (non-essential) (30), and financial services (55).

Mahesh Bhatt, a chief business officer at TeamLease Services, shared his opinions in a statement. He noted that over the past ten years, Bangaluru has experienced exponential growth in a variety of industries, particularly with the emergence of numerous new-age internet-based businesses offering a wide range of value-driven services and goods.

“This strong development trend has resulted in an increase in job opportunities across functions and industries. More firms are eager to expand their pool of resources and are inclined to offer greater salaries. In fact, he predicted that hiring intentions would reach 97% in the ensuing quarters.

IT, Sales, Engineering, and Marketing were some of the top profiles/roles that were in demand in the city, despite the significant demand for IT-focused job roles and digital competencies. In terms of location, Delhi (72%), Mumbai (59), and Chennai (55) are the most promising cities for the manufacturing industry. Bangalore (97%) leads the way in the services industry, followed by Mumbai (81) and Delhi (80). (68).

According to a corporate release, the “TeamLease Employment Outlook Report” is a thorough hiring outlook report aimed at human resource professionals, policymakers, and decision-makers. It reflects the recruiting sentiment of over 865 firms across 14 Indian cities and 23 different sectors. The survey and analysis conducted in April and May 2022 were the basis for this report’s Intent to Hire statistics for Q-2, 2022–23 (July 2022–Sept 2022), it was noted. Follow our site for daily updates regarding this.


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