India Created 8 Million Frontline Jobs in FY22; Report Says!!

India created 8 Million Frontline Jobs


India Created 8 Million Frontline Jobs in FY22; Report Says!! Betterplace report shows that 8 Million Frontline jobs were created in FY22 by India mostly for females, check the full details mentioned below.

India created 8 Million Frontline Jobs

India Created 8 Million Frontline Jobs

With only 3% of the workforce being female and 97% of the workforce being male, the frontline industry continues to be dominated by men. Some of the main causes of the low representation of women in the frontline workforce are said to include lack of flexibility, long work hours, and the stressful nature of the occupations.

According to the Frontline Index Report 2022 from BetterPlace, a major software platform for frontline workforce management in the country, businesses in India produced nearly 8 million frontline employments in the fiscal year that concluded in March 2022.

“We must use technology as the pivot, which is currently an $80 billion opportunity, to fulfill this scale of demand and optimize the management of an unorganized generation,” he said.

The states with the largest demand and supply for frontline employees in India are Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. These states account for 65% of the total demand and about 60% of the total frontline workers. At 24.7% and 20.9%, respectively, Mumbai has been the largest contributor and consumer of frontline employees.

We want to raise the number of women in the frontline workforce by 30% over the next three years while also enabling more and more businesses to signify their workforces, according to Agarwala.

The percentage of women working in e-commerce was 47.5%, followed by that in integrated facilities management and information technology at 39.5%. Out of all the sectors, manufacturing had the lowest percentage of female employees.

Despite a lack of available labour, the data reveals a little increase in the average monthly wage of frontline workers, from Rs.21, 664 in FY21 to Rs.22,800 in FY22. With an average salary of Rs.26,484, the logistics and mobility industry pays the most per month, followed by integrated facility management (IFM), IT, and e-commerce.

With sectors having average monthly attrition of 12%, attrition continues to be a significant source of pain for businesses. The highest monthly average attrition rate, 19%, was achieved by retail & quick service restaurants (QSR) in FY22.

The pay of the frontline personnel is closely related to attrition rates. The highest pay and lowest attrition rates were observed in January, but a decline in overall salaries in Q2 of 2022 led to greater attrition rates in Q3 of that year.

The data demonstrate that the median age of the frontline workforce, which is 25 years old, continues to be young. In India, the frontline labour force is made up primarily of young workers between the ages of 20 and 30. Only 20.3% of the frontline workers are in the 30–40 year age range, and only 6.3% of the workforce is in the 40–50 year range, showing a sharp decline in labour involvement as age increases. Follow our site for daily updates.


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