JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023, 13th May Exam Review


JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023

JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023: Indian Institute of Banking and Finance has conducted the JAIIB Principals and Practices of Baning JAIIB PPB Exam on 13th May 2023 across various centers in the country. A great number of candidates appeared for the Exam. Through interaction with these candidates, here, we have prepared an analysis of the JAIIB PPB Exam 2023. In this JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023 article, we have provided the JAIIB PPB Exam review for the 1st shift on 13th May along with the questions asked in the exam.

JAIIB PPB Exam Review 2023 13 May

JAIIB PPB Exam Review 2023 13 May: The second paper JAIIB which is Principals and Practices of Banking has been successfully conducted on 13th May 2023. Those who have appeared and those who are yet to appear for the exam can check the JAIIB PPB Exam review as given by fellow JAIIB aspirants. You can assess the difficulty level and expected score through the review given here.

JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023 13th May 1st Shift

JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023 13th May 1st Shift: Given below are the memory-based questions asked in the JAIIB PPB Exam 2023 on 13th May 1st Shift. Through direct interaction with the candidates, we have managed to provide you with the 1st hand review of the JAIIB PPB Exam. As per the feedback of the candidates, the difficulty level can be put into the Easy to Moderate category. Check out the topics from the questions has been asked in the exam.

  1. Section 131 Of NI Act
  2. Attachment Order
  3. Numerical on Working Capital and Fixed Capital
  4. Principal and Agent Relation Section
  5. Non-Banking Financial Company-MFI
  6. Insider Trading
  7. NPA Provisions
  8. Capital Conservation Buffer
  10. PSL Target
  11. Loans To Commercial Bank
  12. Local Area Network(LAN)
  13. Duplicate Demand Draft
  14. Star Topology
  15. WAN
  16. Partnerships
  17. Companies
  18. Network Used By Bank
  19. RBI has advised that a duplicate is to be issued within a fortnight. For the delay beyond this stipulated period, banks have to pay interest at the rate applicable for a fixed deposit of corresponding maturity in order to compensate the customer for such delay, where the request has been made by the purchaser/ beneficiary.
  20. NEFT UTR.
  21. Which of the following is not Official Valid Document(Aadhar, PAN card, voter card, Driving license)
  22. Cheque Truncation System(CTS)
  23. National Automated Clearing House(NACH)
  25. Unified Payments Interface Settlement Cycle
  26. Maximum Members Of Self Help Groups(SHG)
  27. Pos Machine Limit
  28. NRE, NRO
  29. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana
  30. Debts Recovery Tribunal(DRT)
  31. IMPS(3-4 Questions)
  32. Difference Between Router & Hub
  33. White Label ATM
  34. Digital Currency
  35. Not  A Part Of CBS
  36. Bill Of Exchange Interest
  37. Ethics(4-5 Questions)

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